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Our Process

To better accommodate you, and for your convenience, you will be working with the designer / sales person from start to finish.


MEASURE/GET INSPIRED. Take dimensions of the space you want to re-do. Take a few pictures or videos. Gather magazine pics or go online to Pinterest/Houzz and create an idea book. If this is a kitchen, it would be helpful to start considering what type of appliances you want to use.


We will look at this information during our first meeting to create the new design. considering what type of appliances you want to use.


Visit our showroom. We recommend an appointment but you can always stop in during business hours.


We will show you the cabinet lines that we carry and narrow down the best option for your project. KCW will ask questions about how you use the space and what you’d like to change. This first appointment usually takes about one hour.

*DESIGN. When your design is finished we will call to make a second appointment to review the initial drawings and pricing.


Once you’ve reviewed initial presentation and KCW has made any changes you have requested, you are ready to move forward.


At this point we will come to your house and take site dimensions. Once we have that information we will adjust the design as needed.


When you’re ready to move forward notify your designer / sales person.


Your designer / sales person will draw up the contract with a complete description of the project for both parties to sign. A 50% deposit is required to place the order.

When we are notified of a delivery date, KCW will call to coordinate the installation date. We usually give at least one week’s notice or more. After we have the installation scheduled, we can also schedule the countertop template. (Usually, the tops are installed about a week after the countertops are templated.)


If this is a remodel where cabinets are going back in the same space, we will just need you to clear out all the cabinets/empty the space. If this is a new layout, you may already be working with a contractor who will be working on preparing the new space. We will all work together to coordinate the cabinet/top installation schedule.